ARMCO added a Attached Garage to the Lofink Residence


To whom it may concern,


We met Russell at Lowes Home Improvement store while he was purchasing items for another job. We were impressed with his warm personality and professionalism. We took his card and called to set up a meeting.


We do most of our home improvements, but adding a 21x31 attached garage to our home was out of our league. We knew we needed a knowledgeable licensed contractor with workman's compensation insurance. We had been looking forward to this project for a very long time, and had very specific requirements. We wanted a sliding glass door at the rear, and two 8ft garage doors on a 21ft opening, which barely fit. Russell spent a significant amount of time listening and asking questions to insure that he understood what we had in mind. He took several pictures, and lots of notes on the plan I provided.


When we met the second time, he presented an itemized bid that was clear and very reasonable. We checked his license and contacted some of his references, and felt confident he was the right man for the job. We were not dissapointed.


Russell and his team did an excellent job. The framing exceeded code. The matching of old and new materials exceeded our expectations. As the project progressed, we decided to add more concrete to the driveway, and gutters. The cost for the extra work was very fair and reasonable. He even cooperated with us on doing some of the work ourselves. We installed the garage doors, and he didn't even get upset when they failed the first inspection. I would recommend that if you purchase garage doors, make sure they meet the NC wind codes.


Russell, and his team at Armco, are very professional and pleasant to work with.


Thank you,

John and Stephanie Lofink